Day 1: Mechanics

Its been awhile since the first post, I’ve just been very busy with real life. Its time to get down to my mechanics. They are rusty and they need improving. Any zergs who want to improve their mechanics should watch Jaedong’s stream, he’s mechanics are almost perfect, everyone zerg’s goal is to mimic him.

What I really want to get done today:

  1. Practice the 5 steps for about 5 games~
  2. Focus on spending larvae and minerals the next 5 games~
  3. After each game, upload to games to ggtrackers to track injections (goal of 75%) and spending quotient (goal of GM skill)


GAME # Race Inject% SQ%
1  zerg  62  92
2  zerg  62  75
3  toss  71  100
4  zerg  69 84
Average  66  87.75

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